Jon Segers, pharmacist at HorseFlex.

We at HorseFlex think that health, condition and quality of life are important for both man and beast. On this site we focus on the health of horses by means of feed supplements that have been specially developed and produced for horses and ponies.


The success of HorseFlex can be attributed to the different professionals in the areas of animal medicine and pharmaceutical science. This powerful combination of experience, knowledge and science, ensures that HorseFlex feed supplements perfectly match the needs of horses and ponies.


The pharmacist, Jon Segers, grew up with Friesian horses, Haflingers and Shetland ponies. However his main interest was not actually in riding the horses. Right from the start he was more interested in the health and welfare of these noble animals.


Shetland pony Jethro is once more fully enjoying his life.

In 2008 this Shetland pony unfortunately suffered from health problems. Jon: Jethro, one of our lovely ponies, had increasing difficulty moving due to stiff joints. At one point he could hardly move and he even started limping. I did some research, I wanted my 28 year old Jethro to be able to move around freely.”

In addition to the wide ranging and deep product knowledge on humans that Jon Segers has gained as a pharmacist, he has also carried out extensive research into the numerous scientific studies concerning the health and condition of domesticated ungulates in the genus of odd toed ungulates.

The most important results with regard to feed supplements for improved health in horses, he combined with the knowledge and wisdom of his father; a man with an extensive veterinary background.

This proved to be a very effective combination:
“Thanks to my background as a pharmacist and my father’s experience as a vet, we worked together to get our pony back on his feet again within a couple of weeks. This was achieved by administering a horse feed supplement that we had developed ourselves. It was our first product specially made for horses and ponies; Glucosamine-MSM.”

After this great result, Jon Segers tried giving other horses this feed supplement and every time it was a resounding success. Finally Jon decided to develop more ingenious veterinary products and this was how the HorseFlex brand was born.


We think quality is very important. In the first place, it is all about the quality of life for the horses and ponies. For this reason we developed feed supplements that can contribute to their health, strength and condition.

We did not develop any feed supplements that were dubious in any way. No, we aimed high. The result is a wide range of human grade products, made specially for horses and ponies.

In real terms, HorseFlex offer the highest possible quality of feed supplements for horses. Thus the supplements:

• contain only 100% active ingredients;
• have no artificial colours, aromas and/or flavours are added;
• all products are completely doping free and contain no sugars.

Due to the high quality and very affordable price, many thousands of horses and ponies are now benefiting from HorseFlex feed supplements. The supplements are used by competitive riders and those who ride for pleasure, in numerous manèges and stables.

Would you like to know more about the products we have developed? Then please take a moment to view our wide range of feed supplements. Please feel free to get in touch with us at HorseFlex, we would be glad to help.