Customers rate us with a 9.6

Customers rate us with a 9.6

Article De Hoefslag ‘The agreement to put my horse to sleep was already set’.

Read the special story of Marijke van Beek and her horse O’Handsome in this article by De Hoefslag. After many tests, the Fürstenball son turned out to have a serious tendon injury, which according to the scientists would never recover 100%. O’Handsome was in pain and not himself. Marijke wanted to spare him further suffering. The agreement to put her horse to sleep had already been made, but O’Handsome was suddenly a different horse..

Hoof problems in horses

Healthy hooves are the basis for a healthy and flexible horse. Unfortunately are hoof problems quite common. In many cases the hooves have to endure more, which means that a daily care such as cleaning the hooves is necessary. But you can also improve the hoove from within. Examples of common problems with the hooves are cracks and fissures in the horn wall, slow growing hooves, crumbly hooves and sensitive soles. Read in this blog everything about good hoof care, what you can do with hoof problems and more importantly how you can prevent them.

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