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Help your horse to shed.

Posted in : on 09-11-2021

Shedding costs a lot of energy is can be unpleasant. It could cause itches which causes your horse to chafe. Luckily you can help your horse to shed. In this blog we will explain what you need to do when your horse is shedding with some trips and tricks!
When sheds a horse?
A horse sheds twice a year: in summer and during the winter. Most people think that shedding is caused by the change of temperatures. However, a horse sheds when it’s longer light. Pituitary produces hormones that starts shedding. In summer your horse will lose it’s winter coat and when the days get shorter your horse will get a thicker coat. Shedding costs a lot of energy and could cause problems, especially when your horse has a bad endurance. Luckily you can help your horse when he/ she sheds.
Tips to help your horse shed
There are different factors that could influence shedding. For example, you can help with good rations, blood circulation and the resistance of your horse. Here are some tips to help when your horse is shedding!
Brush your horse
Help your horse to brush him so you can massage it’s skin. This helps the blood circulation and makes it easier for your horse to shed. Your horse will love it as it will decrease itches.
Movement is very important to keep your horse healthy. It also helps blood circulation and helps your horse for years.
Extra vitamins, amino acids and proteins
When the shedding is difficult, you can give your horse extra support with various supplements. For example, HorseFlex Linseed Biotin Oil is naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains a high dose of biotin, which helps to keep the coat healthy. Shedding costs your horse a lot of energy. HorseFlex Spirulina is naturally very rich in proteins that give your horse extra energy during the shedding process. If your horse is not in a good condition, HorseFlex Resistance Complex can give your horse’s resistance a major boost. View all products for the skin and coat here.

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