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Essential amino acids for mares
Essential amino acids for mares

Amino Complex Mare

  • Pure mix of Lysine, Methionine and Threonine
  • For a good muscle function during pregnancy
  • To support the muscle metabolism
  • Free of food addivites


HorseFlex Amino Complex Mare is a nutritional supplement for mares to support muscles, connective tissue and muscle metabolism.

Specially formulated for mares and composed of 3 important essential amino acids: Lysine, Methionine and Threonine, which contribute to the production of proteins and form the basis for strong and healthy muscles and other tissues in the body. It supports overall muscle growth, contributes to strong and elastic connective tissue and contributes to a healthy muscle metabolism.


To support muscle building.For an increased protein requirement.For strong and healthy connective and hoof tissue.For a healthy muscle metabolism.To support the general muscle function during pregnancy.



This product can easily be given over the feed. You may moisten the powder so that it is not blown out of the tank.

-Horse or pony up to 350kg: 7 grams / 1 ¼ scoop per day.</ p>

-Horse over 350kg: 14 grams / 2.5 scoop per day.

This product can be given permanently. Suitable for pregnant and lactating mares. Galways use in consultation with the attending veterinarian.


HorseFlex Amino Complex Mare is a pure mix in powder form.

Composition: L-lysine (HCL), DL-methionine, L-threonine, magnesium citrate, hyaluronic acid.

Storing information

Make sure the product is kept tightly closed and dry.

Keep out of reach of children.</p >

Do not use after the expiration date stated on the label.

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