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Brewer's Yeast for horses
Stomach balance for horses
Brewer's Yeast for horses
Stomach balance for horses

Digestion Package

  • Put together your own package!
  • For complete digestive support
  • Benefit from additional discount
  • No added sugars, artificial colours, fragrances and flavours

Each horse is unique with its own needs for nutrition and supplements. With this Digestion Package you can easily put together the desired digestive package yourself and benefit from additional discount!

This package is very suitable during the change of seasons when there is a change in your horse’s ration. During this transition, your horse’s digestion is put to the test and extra support may be required.

Combine 2 or 3 products and benefit from an extra discount, with the choice of HorseFlex Psyllium with HorseFlex Linseed oil supplemented with HorseFlex Brewer’s Yeast or HorseFlex Stomach Balance!

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