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electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses
electrolytes for horses

Electrolyte mix

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  • One of the few mixes without sugar
  • With 4 major electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium
  • Can be given in both drinking water and food
  • No added sugars, artificial colours, fragrances and flavours

HorseFlex Electrolyte Mix is a complementary feed for horses to the electrolyte balance.

This mix consists of various minerals (electrolytes) such as potassium, sodium calcium and magnesium which are important for the fluid balance in horses. A horse loses electrolytes daily through sweating, urination and defecation. It is good to balance this loss of fluid and electrolytes. With a shortage of electrolytes, your horse is less able to retain moisture, the elasticity of the skin decreases and the stamina decreases.

During periods of exertion, such as competitions and training, a horse can lose significantly more electrolytes, especially when it is very hot. A horse’s body cannot hold water without the presence of electrolytes. Adding these electrolytes to the drinking water ensures that both fluid and electrolytes remain in good balance. HorseFlex Electrolyte mix can also be added to the daily diet, but also provides sufficient drinking water.


– For maintaining a good fluid and electrolyte balance.- Horses that lose a lot of fluid through sweating, defecation or urination.- Promotes resistance during and after physical exertion.- For proper functioning of the muscles.


This product can easily be added to the drinking water and can be given both before and after training. Don’t want to put it through the drinking water? No problem! It is also fine through the daily diet, but make sure you have enough drinking water. You may moisten the powder so that it is not blown out of the tank.Horse or pony up to 350kg – 15 grams – 1 scoop per day. Horse over 350kg – 30 grams – 2 scoops per day.It can be safely given long-term. Do not exceed the daily dose.


HorseFlex Electrolyte mix is ​​a 100% pure powder without the addition of sugar, flavors and colorings.

Composition:Sodium Chloride 343g, Calcium citrate 334g, Potassium Chloride 264g, Magnesiumcitrate 19g, Rosehip powder 15g.

Nutritional additives:Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid 3a300) 25 g/kg

Storing information

Make sure the product is kept tightly closed and dry.Keep out of reach of children.Do not use after the expiration date stated on the label.

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