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HorseFlex Devils Claw


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Devils claw grows in the Kalahari desert in South Africa. This typical plant gets its name from shape of its fruit, but it is the root tubers that contain the active ingredients in Devils Claw. The root tubers of devils claw contain two types of glucoiridoides: procumboside and harpagoside. This unique combination allows devils claw to work as an analgesic and as an anti-inflammatory agent and improves the mobility range of the joints. Devils claw also stimulates the excretion of uric acid and thus achieves great results by alleviating gout, arthritis and rheumatism.


HorseFlex Devils Claw is especially used for:

  • Horses with joint ailments
  • Older horses
  • Prevention to prevent joint complaints
  • Use devils claw in combination with HorseFlex Glucosamine-MSM for optimum support of the joints


Composition: 100% Harpagophytum procumbens *

Dosage: 7 grams per day with a horse or pony up to 350 kg / 14 grams per day with a horse over 350 kg. Add to the daily diet.

Packaging: There is a possibility that this product forms clumps. This does not detract from its operation. These lumps can occur because Devil’s claw is very hygroscopic (water-attracting) and we have chosen not to add synthetic additives. Ensures that the product is kept well closed and dry.

* Harpagoside is on the FEI doping list, so better not be given to horses involved in competitions and it is not recommended for mares in foal.

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