HorseFlex Electrolytes

HorseFlex Electrolytes


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A horse loses electrolytes daily by sweating, urinating and feces. It is important that this loss of electrolytes is monitored and compensated. During periods of exertion such as competitions and training a horse can lose a lot of electrolytes, especially if it is very hot. The body of a horse can not retain water without the presence of electrolytes. The addition of electrolytes to water ensures that both fluid and electrolyte loss is replenished.

This perfectly balanced mineral mix replenishes minerals quickly and effectively. This electrolyte mix consists of only the purest and best absorbable substances, in addition we have also chosen to add vitamin C and bioflavonoids. Both are very important with effort and the general well-being of every horse.


HorseFlex® Electrolytes is used particular for: 

  • Reduces dehydration, muscle fatigue, cramping and delayed recovery following exercise.
  • Facilitates optimum performance.
  • Ideal for intense work, traveling, endurance or basic daily supplementation.


Composition: Sodium chloride – Potassium Chloride – Magnesium Citrate – Calcium citrate – Vitamin C – Citrus bioflavonoids.

Dosage: 15 grams per day with a horse or pony up to 350 kg / 30 grams per day with a horse above 350 kg. Add to the water and do not exceed the daily dose.

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Weight 1000 g

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