HorseFlex Herbal Skin Mix

HorseFlex Herbal Skin Mix


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HorseFlex Herbal Skin Mix is a balanced mix of various natural herbs and biotin. It supports relief from itching and abrasion, and can be used to prevent and / or support in case of summer eczema.


Summer eczema in horses: Summer eczema, also known as tail and mane eczema (SME) or Sweet-itch, is caused by a hypersensitivity to the saliva of a mosquito, the Culicoïdes Robertii, also called knut. Summer eczema is the most common allergy in horses. The severe itching causes many horses to continuously and often bleed to blood, resulting in irritated and thickened patches on the skin, especially between the manes and the tail. From the spring until deep into the autumn the midges are active.

The cause of summer eczema: SME is an insect hypersensitivity. Horses with SME are extremely sensitive to insect bites and only a few bites can lead to major problems. The female gnats bite the horses because they need blood to lay eggs and leave behind a bit of saliva with proteins during biting. It has been shown that these proteins are the cause of the allergy.


HorseFlex Herbal Skin Mix is used in particular:

• For prevention and / or support in summer eczema.
• Provides relief for itching and abrasion.
• To support the liver.


Composition: Marian thistle, licorice, fenugreek seed, dandelion, chamomile, marigold, nettle leaf.

Dosage: 17.5 grams per day with a horse or pony up to 350kg / 35 grams per day with a horse over 350kg. Add to the daily diet or water.

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