HorseFlex Muscle Power Complex


HorseFlex Muscle Power Complex

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HorseFlex Muscle Power complex is a mix of natural ingredients to support muscle growth. For all horses challenged in the task of adding or simply maintaining muscle mass. It allows higher intensity during training and ensures faster recovery after training. Natural ingredients that work synergistically to support the metabolic reactions required for muscle development. No sugars and doping free!


HorseFlex Muscle Power Complex is used in particular:

• To stimulate muscle building and recovery.
• In case of muscle mass loss and heavy training.
• During training of young horses.


Composition daily dose: 46.5 grams: 30 grams Spirulina powder, 10 grams Magnesium citrate, 1.5 grams Natural vitamin E, 5 grams Creatine Monohydrate.

Dosage: 23.25 grams per day with a horse or pony up to 350 kg / ¾ scoop. 46.5 grams per day with a horse over 350 kg / 1.5 scoop per day. HorseFlex Muscle Power Complex can be added to the daily diet and possibly with a little oil. May be given throughout the day.

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