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High quality products

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Dried rosemary for horses
HorseFlex proefzakje Rozemarijn
Rosemary for horses
Dried rosemary for horses
HorseFlex proefzakje Rozemarijn
Rosemary for horses
Dried rosemary for horses
HorseFlex proefzakje Rozemarijn


Rosemary contributes to a better resistance, blood circulation, and has a supporting function on the liver and kidneys in horses.

  • 100% pure and dried rosemary
  • To support blood circulation
  • Supports the digestion, liver, and kidneys
  • Free from added sugars, colour, and other additives

HorseFlex Rosemary is food for horses to support digestion and blood circulation. Moreover, contributes rosemary also to a better resistance and rosemary also has a supporting function on the liver and kidneys

Rosemary as a supplement for horses

Rosemary is a small fragrant shrub that we mostly know from the use of the herb in Mediterranean cuisine. However, did you know that rosemary has healing properties? Especially the pointed small leaves of the herb are useful. This herb is naturally rich in antioxidants and helps thus to support the liver, kidneys, and the how digestion system of your horse. In addition, rosemary has a positive effect on the blood circulation.

When do I give rosemary to horses?

Rosemary is a versatile herb that is liked by most horses and can also be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to support the health of your horse in multiple ways. The herb has a soothing effect on the stomach and is therefore used to support digestion. In addition, rosemary has a stimulating effect on blood circulation. Does your horse (temporarily) move less, due to an injury, or due to the change from the meadow to the stables? Less movement has a negative effect on the blood circulation of your horse. To support your horse in these periods, you can give a supplement to support your horse during these periods. Also when horses train extensively, a horse can profit from a herb that improves the blood circulation to improve recovery.

Supporting your horse with herbs

Wild horses have a varied diet containing dozens of different types of grasses, plants, flowers, herbs, branches, and even bark. Domesticated horses can’t get most of these plants and herbs and are dependent on what we give them. A lot of plants and herbs are rich in useful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Do you want to add herbs to the rations of your horse to support it? Do you want to know more about the herbs that grow in the meadows to support your horse? Then read this blog about herbs in the meadows!


  • For a good blood circulation
  • Supports the cleansing function of the liver and kidneys
  • for a better digestion.
  • Contributes to a better resistance


Composition: 100% dried rosemary
Analytical constituents: Crude fiber 10.6 %


HorseFlex Rosemary can easily be added to the horse’s ration. Measuring spoon contains approx. 17 grams.

  • Horse or pony up to 350 kg: 10 grams per day.
  • Horse above 350 kg: 15 grams per day.

Storing information

Please make sure that you close this product well and don’t use this product after its expiration date.

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