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Customers rate us with a 9.6

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Maag & Darm pakket
Maag & Darm pakket

Stomach & Intestine Package

  • 100% pure psyllium seeds + Linseed Oil
  • Supports the disposal of sand out of the intestines
  • Contributes to a healthy digestion, stomach and intestines
  • No added sugars, artificial colours, fragrances and flavours!


HorseFlex Stomach & Intestine package contains the 2 most favorite supplements to support your horse digestion, stomach and intestines.

During the change of seasons, such as the transition to the grazing season, your horse’s digestive system will have to get used to this. To keep the intestinal flora in balance during this change in the ration, you can provide your horse with extra support with the HorseFlex Stomach & intestine Package.

HorseFlex Flaxseed consists of the whole seeds and supports the natural drainage of sand from the gastrointestinal tract. It forms a jelly-like sticky mass in the intestines, the sand left behind adheres to it and is removed with it.

HorseFlex Pure Flaxseed Oil is naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E, K and the polyunsaturated fatty acids linoleic and linolenic acid, better known as omega fatty acids which contribute to the maintenance of a healthy digestion.


Supports the intestinal passage.Supports the removal of sand from the intestines.Great for horses standing on a bare meadow or paddock.For a healthy digestion.


HorseFlex Flea SeedThis product can easily be given over the feed.A cure of about 7 days every 4 weeks.– Horse or pony up to 350 kg – 50 grams / 1 .5 scoop per day.– Horse over 350kg – 100 grams / 3 scoops per day.Administration: HorseFlex Flea seed can be given both dry and wet, this has no effect on the efficacy. If you want to feed it wet, you can first make a paste with water and mix it directly with the daily food. Do not leave the feed alone, but offer it immediately, because the binding effect of Psyllium starts immediately. HorseFlex Linseed Oil PureThis product can easily be given over the feed.Horse-Pony:</strong Add > 30-50 ml per day to the daily diet. It can be safely given long-term. 


HorseFlex Flea SeedComposition: Pure Psyllium Seeds  HorseFlex Linseed Oil PureComposition: Flaxseed oil from the first cold pressing.

Storing information

–Make sure that the product is closed well and kept dry. – Keep out of reach from children – Do not use after the expiration date. – Store dark and cool

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