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Thyme for horses
Thyme for horses
Thyme for horses
Thyme for horses
Thyme for horses


Thyme has a protective and soothing effect on the mucous membranes in the respiratory tracts and helps to support your horse when he needs extra support during, a cold, reduced resistance, or hypersensitivity.

  • 100% pure thyme
  • To support the respiratory tract
  • Contribtues to a better intestinal function and digestion
  • To support a good resistance
  • Free from any added sugars, coloring, fragrances, and flavorings

HorseFlex Thyme is a feed material for horses to support the respiratory tract and digestion. The herb works soothing on the intestines and contributes to a better resistance.

Thyme as a supplement for horses

Thyme is a strong-smelling plant in the mint family. The herb has been used a lot for culinary purposes but also has healing properties which makes it thus a great natural supplement for horses. Thyme is rich in the etheric oil called thymol. Thymol has strong antibacterial properties and is thus very suitable to support the throat and respiratory tract when needed. In addition, has thyme a supporting function on digestion in horses, and it contributes to better resistance.

When do I give thyme to my horse?

HorseFlex Thyme is a great herb that can be used to support your horse in a natural way. Does your horse need extra support for its respiratory tract? Thyme works soothing on the mucous membrane in the respiratory tract and helps to support your horse when having a cold, during hypersensitivity, and when having a lower resistance. In addition, is the herb very suitable for horses that need extra support for their digestion. The herb has a positive effect on the appetite of your horse and works soothing on the intestines and stomachs of horses.

Herbs for horses

Herbs are a part of the rations of a horse. Are you looking for a natural way to support your horse? Then it could be a nice addition to add (dried) herbs in the daily rations of your horse. Take a look at all our herbs and read our blog about herbs that grow in the meadows.


  • works soothing on the throat
  • Use it when coughing and itching
  • Great herb for the respiratory tract
  • Supports the digestion


Composition: 100% dried thyme
Analytical constituents: Crude fiber 15.2%


HorseFlex Thyme can easily be added to the horse’s ration. A measuring spoon is included with this product and contains approximately 11 grams.

  • Horse or pony up to 350 kg: 7.5 grams per day.
  • Horse above 350 kg: 15 grams per day.


Storing information

Please make sure that you close this product well and don’t use this product after its expiration date

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