Hoof supplements help ensure that your horse has the nutritional building blocks he needs for healthy hooves. Studies show that supplementing with biotin may improve the growth rate and hardness of hooves. Other key ingredients to look for when supporting weak, cracking hooves include amino acids like methionine and lysine, minerals like zinc and copper, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and more. Healthy skin and a shiny coat are more than just a sign of a well-groomed horse. Your horse’s skin and coat form an important protective barrier against bacteria and infections.


Horseflex stands out from other suppliers by not adding any artificial colours, aromas or flavours to its feed supplements. Not even any sugar is added. After all, sugars and chemical adjuvants can compromise quality. Our approach ensures all products are top quality.
Horseflex feed supplements for horses consist of 100% active ingredients and are completely doping free. In addition our products are blended so that the constituent parts work together effectively. This has a positive, synergistic effect.

And perhaps most importantly, Horseflex feed supplements are tasty for your noble steed. Both you and your horse gain from the high quality, convenience and great taste.


The four main attributes that HorseFlex high quality feed supplements offer:

  1. the best ingredients we not only select the best sources of raw materials, we also maintain very stringent input checks. Only the best is good enough for your horse.
  2. A very compact feed. We do not add any inactive substances. Every gram of Horseflex feed supplement is therefore pure and strong.
  3. Well thought out formulas. DThe formulas for our products have been developed on a scientific basis by various veterinary and pharmaceutical specialists. This makes our supplements very effective./li>
  4. Careful preparation. Horseflex products are produced at a Dutch company that applies a number of quality control systems. This includes GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

In this way we are able to supply high quality products at a very attractive price. Please do take time to discover more about our feed supplements for horses.